Industries Served

IMM Inc. has worked with a wide variety of industries with projects shipped worldwide.
Below is a very generic listing.

    o Automotive
    o Cast iron pipe
    o Municipal castings
    o Wheel casting facilities
    o Grey iron
    o Ductile iron
    o Aluminum

IMM offers a wide variety of nation-wide industrial installations, maintenance services, including metal fabrication and machine building.

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Field Installation

Are you on a tight schedule? Concerned about loss of productivity due to shutdowns?
You can depend on us to install your project when you need it and on time and budget.
Our commitment to tight turn around has been a strength that sets us apart.

IMM offers a wide variety of nation wide field services,

  • Plant Maintenance            
  • Millwright/Mechanical
  • Equipment Retrofit            
  • Machinery Placement
  • Material Handling Systems        
  • Structural Installations
  • Industrial Ventilation         
  • Process Piping

IMM recognizes that any time a customer gives us a project to complete they are placing their trust in us.  We  consider our customers’ needs as the first priority for any project, regardless of the size of the task.  We conduct our field operations in a professional manner focusing on delivering what is needed, and when and where it is needed – with safety as a primary consideration.

IMM is meticulous about planning. We meet with our customers to discuss projects goals, partnerships, timelines and deadlines.  We know that communication is vital for the success of any project. Schedule preparation and maintenance are high priorities.  We maintain a constant watch to ensure that we achieve what we say we will accomplish.

Industrial Maintenance

IMM is a closely networked company.  Our tasks are approached with a team effort, bringing all our resources to bear on the job at hand.  A fully staffed, state-of-the-art fabrication facility, along with an equally capable machine shop provides the necessary materials for our job sites.

We have a long standing relationship with our suppliers whether the need is equipment or materials.  The nature of IMM’s service is clearly understood by our vendors so we can maintain high-quality, on-demand services.  Structural  problems, material handling problems and equipment issues can be promptly addressed and solved.

We have engineering resources readily available. We can provide professional, structural, process  and civil engineers to address your engineering needs as well as design/detailing assistance.

IMM’s staff includes some of the most professional individuals in the industry – certified welders, millwrights, crane operators, steelworkers, pipe welders, industrial sheet metal workers and masons.  This means that instead of having several subcontractors for a project we can complete the job without communication or scheduling problems.

There is no substitute for safety.  Industrial environments are hazardous.  IMM strives to maintain an EMR rating below industry average by ongoing training and awareness of safe operations.  We hold safety meetings with our personnel weekly – and in some cases, daily – depending on the hazards associated with a project.  Every project is separately analyzed and planned for safe work practices. We also document and self-check our safety practices to maintain a goal of zero incidents.

IMM realizes that when there is a problem with your process it requires a prompt solution. Downtime is measured in hours and dollars that are better spent productively.  This is a matter that we do not take lightly.  Your problems are our problems and we will strive to keep your facility at its peak operating potential.  IMM accomplishes this through its employees and industrial experience.  We have dealt with some of the most demanding industrial issues and have been successful in meeting our customer’ needs. We are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.