Industries Served

IMM Inc. has worked with a wide variety of industries with projects shipped worldwide.
Below is a very generic listing.

    o Automotive
    o Cast iron pipe
    o Municipal castings
    o Wheel casting facilities
    o Grey iron
    o Ductile iron
    o Aluminum

IMM offers a wide variety of nation-wide industrial installations, maintenance services, including metal fabrication and machine building.

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Company Profile

Description of Facilities

Square Feet
Fabrication and Machine Assembly: 20,650
Plate & Sheet Metal Processing: 3,200
Machining: 2,400
Painting: 3,000
Shipping and Receiving: 3,200
Storage (heated and non-heated): 5,150
Field Services: 3,200
Total Square Footage: 40,800
Property – 8 1/2 Acres

Available Services

Most common types of manufacturing, installation and project management include, but not limited to:

  • Industrial air handling, including ductwork and dust collectors
  • Material handling conveyors & Automation
  • Structural steel
  • Stacks, bins, hoppers, chutes and cyclones
  • Platforms, ladders, stairs and handrails
  • Custom – Industrial Process Equipment
  • Plant Maintenance

Sheet Metal and Plate

  • Shearing up to 10 Ft Long
  • 16 GA thru ½” Carbon Steel
    16 GA thru ¼” Stainless Steel
  • Burning – 8’ x 20’ Table hi-definition plasma with oxy-acetylene head
    16 GA thru 1” Carbon & Stainless Steel plasma & up to 6” Carbon Steel with oxy-acetylene
  • Plate Rolling – 3/16” Thick x 6 Ft Long
    3/8” Thick Plate x 8’ Long
    16 GA thru 3/8” Carbon Steel
  • Press Braking – up to 12 Ft Long
    16 GA thru 3/8” Carbon Steel x 12’ Long

* We have resources available to support most manufacturing process that exceeds our “In House” capabilities i.e.; Structural shapes, heavy plate rolling and CNC Machining.

Structural Steel

  • * ~ Sawing – up to 14” High x 16” Deep
    All Shapes i.e.; Angle, Channels, Beams, Flats, & Rounds
    Have mitering abilities for detail sawing.
  • Punching – Round & Slotted Holes
    1-1/4” Diameter thru 5/8” Carbon Steel Plate
    1-1/2” Diameter thru 3/8” Carbon Steel Plate
  • Drilling – Portable & Stationary
    Up to 1-1/2” round thru 3” Carbon Steel Plate
    * ~ Cut to length members above sizes listed are available from our supplier.


  • Horizontal Milling
    Weldments 5 Ft Long x 5 Ft Wide x 5 Ft High
    Max weight of 10,000 LBS
    Our summit has a built-in rotary table allowing most facing and boring to be completed without repositioning weldment.
  • Vertical Milling
    Weldments, 38” Long x 20” Wide x 24” High
    Max weight of 1,000 LBS
    Both milling machines have digital read outs.
  • Metal Lathe
    Turning up to 12” Diameter x 48” Long
    Turning up to 24” diameter x 120” Long


  • AWS certified welders for carbon steel and stainless steel. Sheet and plate from 16 GA through 8” plate and structural steel. Certified in all welding positions.
  • Utilize Mig welding in a controlled environment for both carbon and stainless steel.
  • Utilize Tig welding in a controlled environment for both aluminum and stainless steel.

Machine & Equipment Assembly

  • Two Assembly Areas each 40’ Wide x 200’ Long with 10’ Wide x 10’ Long x 5’ Deep Pits for under hung components.
  • Assembly area ~ Six (6) 10 ton overhead cranes, with a hook to floor dimension of 21 feet
  • Maximum lift Capacity 40 ton.
  • Can set up and run off a system or an individual piece of equipment.

Self Propelled Equipment

  • Grove RT625 ~ 25T rough terrain
  • Misc. fork trucks and carry deck cranes.